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NHOP School of Prayer

Why Pray for Israel

Our Panel of Teachers

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Chris Byberg is the Executive Director of National House of Prayer. He conceived and established the Canopy of Prayer and School with the purpose of discipling the nation in prayer.

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Dean is the Founder and International Director of Return Ministries. He was ignited with a passion to be about the Father’s business: awakening believers, both Christians, and Jews, to His heart and plan for their working TOGETHER for Israel - His land and His people.


Annie Elliott is the Pastor of Shalom Restoration Fellowship. She has served both nationally and internationally to build bridges of friendship and support for Israel. Annie is actively engaged in encouraging Jews and Christians to walk together to fulfill God's purposes and plans for Israel and the Nations.


Brad Fidler is the Lead Elder at Niagara Community Church. Brad is drawn to the message of the surpassing beauty and worth of Jesus, and his heart is to encourage the Church in worship, prayer, and becoming an accurate reflection of Jesus in our communities. Brad primarily functions as a teacher, both in his local church and in conjunction with NHOP’s Canopy of Prayer School.


Alan Gilman has been a Jewish believer since 1976. Alan delights in showing how God’s salvation plan begins with Abraham and his descendants, is fulfilled in the Messiah, and is expressed through Yeshua’s followers today. Understanding the essential Jewishness of the Gospel is key to fully experiencing God’s blessings in and through our lives.

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Tim Heikoop is the Canadian Director of Return Ministries. He has a growing passion to see the Body of Christ united to understand and live God’s Word out, especially in relation to the Father’s heart for Aliyah, the prophetic return and restoration of His Jewish people to Israel. Tim also is a leader on the Altar of Prayer, a 24/7 online global prayer network that intercedes for God’s heart for Aliyah.


Marty Shoub is the Canadian Director of Tikkun Ministries Canada. Marty serves the elders and congregations within the Tikkun Ministries Canada network as an overseer and advisor. In addition, Marty is the co-leader of Kehilat Tsion, Vancouver’s first Messianic Jewish Synagogue, an academic advisor for the Canadian Graduate School of Ministry and a director of Return Ministries.


Adam Gabeli is the Deputy Director of ICEJ Canada. He has always had a deep love for Israel and the Jewish people. Coming from a Sephardic Jewish background, Adam has learnt to serve the global body of Christ in context with his Jewish roots His focus is to see God awaken the heart of the church, to relate Biblically and appropriately to Israel and the Jewish people, and see the love of God poured out on the Jewish communities of Canada.

"Why Pray for Israel" Teaching Sessions

 Session One - Notes

 "God's heart for the Jewish People" with Tim Heikoop














Session two - Notes

"God's Covenant with Israel: Part One" with Marty Shoub














Session Three - Notes

"God's Covenant with Israel: Part Two" with Marty Shoub                           

















Session Four - Notes

"Church History: Supersessionism" with Alan Gilman
















Session Five - Notes

"Antisemitism and the Church" with Brad Fidler                                            
















Session Six - Notes

 "Who is Israel" with Alan Gilman
















Session Seven - Notes

"Jesus' Return to Jerusalem" with Dean Bye                                                    
















Session Eight - Notes

"One New Man/Mystery of the Gospel" with Marty Shoub














Session 9 - Notes

"Do not be Ignorant/Arrogant" with Brad Fidler                                            
















Session Ten - Notes

"God's Heart for Israel and the Nations" with Annie Elliott











Session Eleven - Notes

"God Is a Zionist" with Adam Gabeli                                                                     













Session Twelve - Notes

"Prayer: 'My Heart's Desire'" with Chris Byberg

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