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The 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus

This prayer movement is currently coordinated out of France (previously from Australia), and has been operating since 1993. It calls upon Christians to make a concerted but respectful effort during that month to learn about, pray for and reach out to Muslim neighbors—across the street and around the world.

As Christians we resist the temptation to be caught up in generalizations, anger, hate or fear toward anyone. In the climate following the 9/11 tragedy, here is a proven tool to direct our focus more prayerfully, Christ-like and constructively. 

It is not our intention with this prayer focus to disparage Islam or Muslim sentiments in any way. We recognize that humans and the Muslim world are far too complex to simply or easily condense or explain with a mere booklet.

At the same time, as Christians, we long for all the world's people to have an opportunity to understand the grace of God incarnated in Jesus Christ. To this end we inform ourselves, pray for, and support respectful opportunities to make that grace also known among Muslims. Here's the website.

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