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City Hall Prayer: Encouraging Testimonies

There are many who, through the years, have faithfully championed prayer on the grass-roots level for their local government. Many of these faithful individuals responded to our announcement of City Hall Prayer and we wanted to share some of these responses with you. 


From a Mayor in Alberta: I think this is a great initiative. I’m mayor for a small town in southern Alberta and realize more and more the impact one can have at a local level in influencing our nation. It’s a battle. I didn’t think local politics could be as dividing as it is and totally agree that it’s a cultural war and so many Christians seem to leave it to somebody else and when things don’t go good we’ll make sure we complain. Sign me up.


Coraine B., Toronto: I welcome this new initiative by the NHOP. Personally my journey towards becoming a more engaged citizen began in 2009, one year before the election of Rob Ford as mayor to Toronto. It was during that period from December 2009 to the mayoral election in the October 2010 that together with a small group of believers I began to fast, pray, worship and prayer walk around the city focusing on crucial sites like media buildings, political offices and other strategic sites to proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Since that time my level of engagement in politics at all levels has systematically grown. Fundamental to this is a commitment to consistent and regular prayer for those in government. I do this personally and through my House of Prayer at CTF Airport. All that to say I look forward to partnering with NHOP via prayer in this new initiative. HIS Kingdom Come!


Pastor Ron Short, Cranbrook:

“The Power of City Hall Prayer” A number of years ago I was having my quarterly meeting with our former mayor and I asked him if there are any prayer needs for the city. He shared his concerns about what our town called the ‘blue house’ in our city which was owned by a biker’s group. This house which was notorious for crime and was adversely affecting our youth and was also being used as after-hours club. He stated that the police were frustrated because no-one was complaining and therefore, they could not intervene to the extent to which they wanted. We took this prayer need to our team, and one afternoon we decided to walk around the ‘blue house’ praying. For the next three weekends, we parked in front of the building and kept interceding in prayer. After a few weeks, I met with our mayor and was delighted to hear that the ‘blue house’ had been shut down and was now up for sale!

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