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Prayer Points - November 2016


Praise Report - Trinity Western Wins Legal Battle - thanking God for this important victory Trinity Western University's legal battle to have accreditation for its law students has been lifted up in prayer by many. This week a major victory was won for the continued protection of religious freedom in Canada. On Tuesday, a panel of 5 judges ruled in their favour in British Columbia. This case will likely go to Canada's Supreme Court as Ontario's top court has voted against them. We are thankful but understand continued prayer is needed.

CTV NEWS ARTICLEOntario - Bill 28 - all families are equal act Ontario's controversial Bill 28 should disturb not only Ontarians but all Canadians who are parents. Let's stand together in prayer for Canadians to respond in large numbers to express their concerns about this proposed bill before it is passed.

NHOP in Prayer, Tuesday, November 8th - 9am to 9pm - all welcome as we pray for our neighbours to the south Last week Rob, Fran and Susan were in Washington D.C. to join leaders for an extended time of prayer for the U.S. elections. We were moved by their desperate cry for the Church to be awakened to their call to be salt and light in their nation. We were honoured to stand with them as they fasted and humbled themselves in prayer. Here are some prayer points from our visit: Pray for the citizens of America to look past the personalities of the candidates and to focus their attention on the policies and the party platforms presented. Pray that American media will report in an unbiased way to bring truth and clarity to voters. Pray that voters will be able to discern the right and wrong of a matter and not necessarily the left or right.

Pray for the people of America to accept the results of the election with respect and kindness.

Join Us for Christmas on Parliament Hill - 400,000 dazzling Christmas Lights

Join us December 5th - 9th or 12th - 16th for prayer, teaching and the annual Christmas light presentation on Parliament Hill. Come with us to Question Period as we pray for our elected officials.

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