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How to Practice being Present to the Presence of God - Ann Voskamp

Wherever you are, be all there ,” said Jim Elliot , that esteemed missionary martyred for Christ in Ecuador. Wherever you are, be entirely present to God who meets you in that space. Too often, I don’t know how. The possibilities of problems that lurk around the next corner lure me on into worry. The pain of all that failed in the past trip me up in regret. I run ahead on the road, slamming into anxiety. I run back the path, grabbed by disappointment. I struggle to stay in the present, to be all here wherever I am. Yet attending to the beauty and bounty of each singular moment, paying attention to now by praying thanksgiving for this moment, and this moment, and this moment, I stay here. I become wind in this place, constantly present, constantly praying.... “Wherever you are, be all there,” is possible as I give thanks for what is just now. This is meeting God who is the great I AM. I AM fills the present moment. I am learning that gratitude ushers into the grandeur of He who spills with glory now. Giving thanks is a way to be all here, a way to meet the I AM who is here.Read the whole article here.
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