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UK Conference this weekend

One of the popular perceptions of Christians and Christianity in Britain today is one of dire, dismal ugliness. Such people are seen as the decrepit hangover of a former respectable, but now 'dead' religion who last survivors walk over gravestones in a cemetery to arrive at their bone chilling and gloomy services! These dying and mean-spirited 'kill-joys' should be put out of their misery as quickly and painlessly as possible! Yet Christ and his Holy Spirit produce dazzlingly different lives of beauty! Jesus once said of a devoted follower,  'She has done a beautiful thing for me' . We can all be empowered to do 'something beautiful for God',  and demonstrate the fact that 'God is good, and his people are OK!' How? Come and find out, as we work through selected Bible themes like WORSHIPPING, WAKING, WALKING, WITNESSING, and WORKING WONDERS for God. Your life may never be the same again! Please keep Rob in your prayers as he leaves a very busy week here in Ottawa and the returns to get ready for our True North Conference in Winnipeg.
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