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Prayer-Walk Israel

"Pass through, pass through the gates!

Prepare the way for the people.

Build up, build up the highway!

Remove the stones.

Raise a banner for the nations."

Isa.62:10    It seems that everywhere you turn these days you are hearing that there's a growing sense of acceleration of God's purposes. Many Christian leaders are preaching that we have entered into the 'Signs of the Times' that Jesus referred to around his Second Coming. In different ways in Canada we believe we are 'touching' things for God's purposes that are massive in light of the days we are living. We are sensing that God is identifying and removing the obstacles or stones that have blocked his will from being done in our land and is raising up a company of believers who will strategically pray for such a time as this.    Recently God has confirmed to me it is now time to Prayer-Walk Israel. Over these past ten years I have been waiting for the release from the Lord regarding the right timing for such a walk. The speed at which God is now moving this forward is astounding! Upon sharing this assignment with those whom we have walked with for the past 12 years, there was an absolute agreement that now is the time. I found myself in Israel the first week in January with a friend to scout out the land.  We were able to meet with ministry leaders in Israel and I was able to share the intent for this prayer walk. There was a unanimous amen and blessing from these leaders for the timing of this prayer assignment. Read the rest of the announcement here ...

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