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Prayer Points - September 2016

National House of Prayer - Teams Needed to Pray - Pray God calls workers to His mission field in Ottawa For over 12 years the Lord has placed the National House of Prayer in Ottawa to activate strategic prayer for Canadaand its leaders. We are here on the mission field in Ottawa to build a bridge between the Christian Church and the Government of Canada and to ensure a strong praying presence on Parliament Hill. We have a number of weeks available yet in 2016 for teams to come.


Pray God moves on the hearts of believers across Canada to come and join us for a week (or more) at the National House of Prayer Pray that God will meet and supply all our needs and provide clear direction and strategy in prayer.

Pray for continued connections as we build relationships with MP's, Senators, Ambassadors and members of the government.Pray for the health and safety of everyone who will travel to Ottawa this year to join us on the mission field.

Challenging the College of Physicians and Surgeons - Bill C-14 and conscience rights of physiciansCanadian Physicians for Life seeks to engage with and educate the public on public policy matters relating to traditional medical ethics, the dignity and inviolability of human life, and human rights by providing medical, biological, and social facts related to those matters. Recently, Canadian Physicians for Life have joined with other like-minded societies and a number of individual physicians in a legal challenge to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario's policy decision to force physicians to violate their consciences by referring patients seeking to end their lives to other physicians who will provide the procedure. Freedom of conscience and religion, as set out in the Charter, exists to ensure that individuals are not coerced by the state to act in violation of their conscience or religious beliefs. "There is no Charter right (or any other legal right) to demand that a specific physician provide you with a specific procedure or pharmaceutical." Albertos Polizogopoulos* Pray for these physicians who will be attending meetings to represent their organizations, to have wisdom to share their position effectively with the goal to see hearts turned to permit freedom of conscience of Ontario doctors. Pray for a similar campaign to expand across the country and for Canadians to stand with our physicians who are challenging the college on the issue. *Albertos is a partner at an Ottawa firm. In recent years, much of Albertos' practice has been devoted to protecting physicians' conscience rights and religious freedoms. 


Minutes before we planned to send these prayer points we discovered Kevin Garratt had been released from China and is back home in Canada. Thank you for praying for the Garratt Family. Today we celebrate with a multitude of others who have prayed for his safe release. God answers prayer!  The Garratt's lived in China for about 30 years, conducted Christian aid work and ran a popular coffee shop near China's border with North Korea. Kevin Garratt was indicted on accusations of spying for Canada and stealing Chinese state secrets. He has been held in a Chinese prison since 2014. His wife was Julia was released in February 2015.

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