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Prayer Points - October 2016

Please Prayer for the Prentice Family We are saddened to hear of the passing of Jim Prentice (former Premier of Alberta). Please remember his wife Karen and family during this very difficult and tragic time.

Pray for America - prayer is more important than politicsCall to me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known. Jeremiah 33:3 As Canadians, many of us are wondering how to pray for our friends and neighbours in the United States as they face their Presidential elections this November 8th.  We also know that these elections will have an affect on our own nation, so therefore we are encouraging Canadians to take time to pray daily for the United States at this important time.

Here are many excellent U.S. resources to help a person pray intelligently:

Desperate for change; 40 days of prayer; Prayer for elections heating up; Prayer at the polls; Pray the vote; America needs the Christian vote; and the National Day of Prayer Pray as the text above says, that there will be a 'Spirit of Prayer' (Call to me), over the Church of America with a real expectancy to 'hear' what the Lord will say. Pray with the understanding that there are 435 House of Representatives and 34 Senate seatsto be filled. Pray for the election of individuals who will stand for righteousness and that through them, God will provide the right checks and balances to be in place for good United States government. Pray that the media will inform in such a way that brings genuine clarity so that voters will discern the right and wrong of a matter and not necessarily the left or right. Increasing prayer for the media is an essential way for Christians to help impact this election.

Committee Meetings - senate modernization

To help the Senate fulfill its constitutionally-defined roles, members of the Special Senate Committee on Senate Modernization have spent months studying how the Senate works and how it could improve.

This Committee has been tasked with considering "methods to make the Senate more effective within the current constitutional framework."  This is important work, but is not to be confused with Senate reform (such as electing senators, implementing term limits, etc.), which requires constitutional amendments. Both Senate modernization and Senate reform may be necessary to ensure that the Senate serves its Parliamentary purpose of "sober second thought" well, but for now only modernization is being examined.

Pray for the Senators to have wisdom to know what changes can be made to make the Senate more effective, relevant and accountable to Canadians.

Pray that in their pursuit of answers they will have God-given insight.

Pray that Senators will exhibit courageous leadership in their efforts.

Private Members Bill C-225 Cassie & Molly's Law - "The Protection of Pregnant Women and Their Preborn Children Act"

This act would amend the criminal code to "make it an offence to cause injury or death to a preborn child while committing or attempting to commit an offence against a pregnant woman," and would add pregnancy as an aggravating circumstance for the purpose of sentencing. The short title for Bill C-225, Cassie and Molly's Law, is in reference to the 2014 murder of Cassie Kaake in Windsor, Ontario, when Cassie was weeks away from giving birth to her daughter, Molly.

Pray for MP Cathay Wagnatall, the second reading of her bill will be read on Monday, October 17th.

Pray that this bill will reach the committee stage where its merits can be discussed with reasonable and fair-minded debate.

Pray the MP's will receive accurate information so they have a full understanding of what this bill is about.

Teams Wanted - pray God calls workers to His mission field in OttawaFor over 12 years, the Lord has positioned the National House of Prayer in Ottawa to activate strategic prayer for Canada and its leaders. We are here on the mission field in Ottawa to build a bridge between the Christian Church and the Government of Canada to ensure a strong praying presence on Parliament Hill. We have a number of weeks still available in 2016 for teams. JOIN US THE FIRST WEEK OF DECEMBER FOR THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ON PARLIAMENT HILL Pray God moves on the hearts of believers across Canada to come and join us for a week (or more) at the National House of Prayer. Pray that God will meet and supply all our needs and provide clear direction and strategy in prayer.

Pray for continued connections as we build relationships with MP's, Senators, Ambassadors and members of government.

Pray for the health and safety of everyone who will travel to Ottawa this year to join us on the mission field.

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