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Highs and Lows - by Hollie (NHOP Intern)

Almost two weeks’s been good.I feel I could never tire of being in this place. I think I have found a “ritual”, Sat. morning I grab a tall, non-fat lactaid, extra hot, no foam, light whip, with carmel drizz cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks:) then head to the back of Centre Block and sit in the gazebo which overlooks the Ottawa River and Quebec. I sit there, write in my journal, watch people and talk with my God.I feel transported to an older, simpler time when I see or am around the Parliment Buildings. Fall is my favorite season and I am happy to be in this beautiful city during it. The changing leaves and old buildings makes me feel as if I have stepped onto a scene from a romance movie. The funny thing is, I feel I am being Romanced by my say the is lovely!Read the rest of Hollie's blog ...
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