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Commissioner Rouleau concludes that cabinet had reasonable grounds

"Whether we agree or disagree with Rouleau's findings, we knew going in that the Commission's results would have no teeth. That is, the findings of the Commission are not binding in court.

However four legal challenges are slated to be heard in Federal Court, in Ottawa, in early April.

Justice Richard Mosley will hear challenges from The Canadian Constitution Foundation, Charter Advocates Canada, The Canadian Civil Liberties Association and Canadian Frontline Nurses.

The challenges argue that the "Freedom Convoy" situation did not support the government's decision to impede the protestors' privilege to public assembly or the decision to freeze bank accounts. The challenges are making the claim that there was an assault on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of these Canadians by the government.

Prayer Points

  • Pray that Justice Mosley would have Wisdom to interpret the law correctly with righteousness and justice.

  • Pray that he would not be swayed by political agenda or public opinion.

  • Pray that the media would report the truth without personal prejudice."

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