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Bill C-234 in the Senate

Bill C-234 is an act to amend Greenhouse and gas pollution pricing. Basically, the government gave an exemption on the carbon tax for diesel and gasoline to farmers to help farmers compete in the global markets. They omitted to exempt the propane and natural gas that farmers use to dry grain and to heat barns. Bill C-234 was introduced by Conservative MP Ben Lobb in February of 2022 to add this exemption.

It may seem like a small change but paying carbon tax is a huge cost to farmers. Thankfully, this bill did pass in the House of Commons in March of 2023. The NDP, Bloc and 3 Liberal MP’s (Kody Blois, Heath MacDonald and Robert Morrissey) voted with the Conservatives in favour of this bill.

However, the bill is still in the Upper Chamber with the Senate. In the meantime, the cost to farmers is painful. Many are worried about provision for their families. Knowing that farmers are now in the season of harvest, this bill should have been at the top of the roster.

This is not the first bill of its kind. In September 2020, Conservative MP, Philip Lawrence introduced a similar bill that also made it to the Senate in June 2021. That bill did not pass.

This law to remove carbon tax from farm fuels would not only help to reduce food costs for all Canadians, it would also help farmers by reducing their cost of production which should increase profit margins.

Please call or write to your Senators to encourage them to move this bill expeditiously for the sake of Canadian farmers and Canadians struggling when making grocery purchases.

  • Pray for Senators to be able to see the importance of advancing this bill

  • Pray for Canadian farmers that are struggling that they would find peace in God's love and provision.

  • Pray for Canadians who are in distress financially. Pray that the body of Christ would experience the heart of God for the poor and the homeless and the marginalized.

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