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April 2018 Prayer Points: A Call to Prayer


from the

National House of Prayer

"We must begin to believe that God, in the mystery of prayer, has entrusted us with a force that can move the heavenly world, and can bring its power down to earth." - Andrew Murray


A CALL TO PRAYERWe hope to see many of you who are planning on attending this year's National Prayer Breakfast, May 7 - 8th. I'm impressed with this year's invitation from the office of Member of Parliament, Bob Zimmer:

Historically, the leadership of our nation has turned to the Almighty God for strength and guidance.

In this way, the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast Group, which meets to deepen friendships and to pray together, inaugurated the National Prayer Breakfast specifically to seek the Lord's guidance and strength as well as to celebrate our faith in Christ and renew the dedication of our nation and ourselves to God and His purposes.

This event in our nation's capital seeks to encourage men and women throughout Canada to recognize their privileges and responsibilities under God. The National Prayer Breakfast has blessed so many by reminding us of the importance acknowledging the Supremacy of God over Canada. Many are praying that with this 53rd Annual National Prayer Breakfast, we will continue to know the freedom of this event being a Christian occasion in its focus and witness in our nation's capital.

---------- We Need God ---------- We are very grateful to every individual who receives our prayer points and thankful to all who are fervently praying for our nation. I was recently on a call with a gentleman from northern Alberta whom God has been waking at 2:30 a.m. for the past 2 years to pray for Canada for four hours every morning! I want to link arms with someone like that! It reminds me of the testimony of Pastor Bob Birch who, even in his nineties, would likewise wake at about the same time every morning to pray for Canada. When God moves people into extraordinary prayer, it is often because God is about to move in extraordinary ways. Would you agree that we need a move of God? Everywhere across Canada people are concerned about losing a moral compass in our nation and what it will mean for our children and grandchildren. Religious freedom is being threatened in many ways; gender-neutral birth certificates could be coming to Ontario; euthanasia is being considered to be made available for children; and we could go on and on. Bottom line: we need God. We have many godly leaders who are trying to take a stand in our various governments across Canada; they need our support and prayers. But, we also need to remind ourselves that the changes we need across our nation are not going to happen primarily through getting the 'right government' or legislation. Honestly, we need a sovereign work of God, changing the hearts of the people of our nation; healing families, and reviving the church of Canada to affect our culture which affects good government. A posture of repentance for apathy and getting serious about prayer begins to have the potential of moving the heart of God for our nation. Revival becomes a work of God among his people, bringing spiritual life to replace spiritual apathy. It is an extraordinary work of God, turning God's people back to himself (repentance) and delivering us from our own self-effort. (Rev. 3:15-20) This work of revival is not brought about because of our own determination, but because of a sincere and humble call of prayer for God's intervention that may lead to breakthrough. In fact, every recorded revival has been rooted in a remnant of people who were moved by God to a deeper level of prayer. Please note, their prayer was not only seen within their powerful prayer-meetings, as wonderful as these meetings were, but prayer became a predominant mind-set that accompanied the believers in all that they did. When revival happened, the results have been similar to that of the Book of Acts, where:

  1. A tangible presence of God shakes the foundations of the church.

  2. A reverent fear of the Lord invades the church causing Christians everywhere to bow down before the Living God.

  3. The prominence of the Word of God increases in power and authority.

  4. God's heart and His burdens become ours.

  5. A predominant 'self-centric' Christianity is abandoned for a burden to serve others.

  6. Conviction of sin replaces worldly compromise.

  7. A revived and loving church is empowered to effect society with transformational change towards righteousness.

  8. Fractured relationships are restored.

  9. Many are set free from bondages / healings can become prominent.

  10. Salvations become commonplace.

  11. Kingdom values invade culture and the marketplace, affecting government.

  12. Unity among Christians of all denominations invades the church.

  13. One generation commending the mighty deeds of God to the next. We would love to hear if this Call to Prayer is resonating with some of you. Perhaps you are among those who have not wavered in praying for Canada, or maybe this letter is a bit of a nudge. Wherever you are in this, we hope to encourage you to join in and not give-up in your desire to see God heal Canada. - Rob Parker


  1. PRAY for God's people to be moved by God to a deeper level of prayer.

  2. PRAY for a tangible presence of God shakes the foundations of the church.

  3. PRAY for God's heart and His burdens to become ours.

  4. PRAY for conviction of sin to replace worldly compromise.




  1. PRAY for the Members of Parliament, staff and volunteers who faithfully work every year to make this event a success.

  2. PRAY that this Christ centered gathering will continue to represent its core values without compromise.

  3. PRAY for 50 young Canadians to register for the National Youth Summit, which happens concurrently with the National Prayer Breakfast.




  1. PRAY for people to respond generously to provide the necessary funds to meet the needs and enough to 'seed' future employment. Consider making a donation here:

  2. PRAY that there will be an overwhelming attendance at this year's March for Life in Ottawa.




  1. PRAY for a clear, unbiased analysis by the Senate resulting in constructive amendments to mitigate the harm of legalization.

PRAY that all of our Canadian towns and cities will implement and enforce bylaws which protect citizens and especially our youth.

PRAY for citizens to engage at their local level to influence their municipal leaders to pass bylaws that will protect their neighbourhood.



Change Your Life, Shift the Nation!

Contact us at or 613-789-4907 for more information.

National House of Prayer

17 Myrand Avenue

Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5N7

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