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Wakefield, QC


Wakefield which you can drive to or take a steam train up alongside the Gatineau River that is nestled in the valley looking up on all sides to high multi-coloured walls of autumn leaves.  A covered bridge straddles the river just a little further upstream.    So this afternoon, we took a break (since Parliament isn't sitting this week) and headed up into Quebec.  My big highlight was to meet an Algonquin story-teller in one of the native shops, whom Terry and I had met and taken pictures with a couple of years ago during the Vanier Maple Sugar Festival.  At that festival he goes by the name Joe Maple.  I love the mix of French and Native culture that he embodies and which we stepped into as we entered the shop in Wakefield.  It was an environment of laughter and warmth.  Not specifically "Christian" but very definitely "human", reflecting the glory of God in the image of man.  Just like the beauty of the Quebec countryside reflects his glory in another way.   If you ever get to Ottawa, its worth the extra 30 minute drive to Wakefield.

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