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These are not normal squirrels!!!

Greetings avid NHOP followers.

One of my most recent discoveries is how unique the Canadian squirrel is!!

In the UK we have very few squirrels in the city -I have never seen any in Glasgow and only a few in Edinburgh and I guess all the pigeons ate the squirrels in London!! But Ottawa seems to be the perfect breeding place for the common squirrel!

I say common but the squirrels around NHOP seem to be some special genetically modified squirrel!!

Now Rob Parker our Mighty director has had many



Now Rob and Richard have started trapping them and


<Digimax V700 / Kenox V10 / Digimax V10 >

<Digimax V700 / Kenox V10 / Digimax V10 >
Squirrel Camera

Once they have all the information they need we are finding that they are starting to advance in their battle to overtake NHOP! Recent photographs have shown that they have more weapons of mass destruction than we first feared!!

<Digimax V700 / Kenox V10 / Digimax V10 >

<Digimax V700 / Kenox V10 / Digimax V10 >

As you can see we have a real problem!!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Send them to I'll be sure to pass them onto Rob.

Thanks for reading the ramblings of a Scotsman at NHOP!!

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