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The Prayer Meeting That Lasted a Century

In Essentials, Unity

In Non-Essentials, Liberty

In All Things, Love

We can gain a lot of wisdom from the past; from those who went before us.  It is no different when it comes to prayer.  We look for wisdom from those  great men and women who spent their lives in prayer, intercession and worship.  One such group is the Moravian's, especially as many prayer movements enter into 24/7 prayer and worship.

The Moravian's were the first people to affirm Protestantism, leaving the Catholic Church.  They followed Jan Hus, who protested certain Catholic doctrines.  He was burned at the stake in 1415, but the movement he started continued.   Many of his followers were persecuted and sought refuge.  One such place of refuge was on Count Zinzendorf's estate.

The estate of Count Zinzendorf soon became the location of a powerful prayer movement.  In an attempt to bring unity & peace amongst the refugee's, Count Zinzendorf created the community of Herrnhut (Lord's Watch).  The community created a schedule of 24/7 prayer that every villager participated in.  This would continue for 100 years.  The prayer movement also created a great missionary movement.

Check out the Moravian Church in North America website, here.

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