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The Keats Island International Prayer Centre is in the news


Are you ready? We are. Come join the fun!

BUT FIRST ~ Read what the Vancouver Sun recently wrote about More Than Gold: ..."More Than Gold, for instance, is sponsoring an "International Prayer Centre" on Keats Island, just north of Vancouver, where Christians are urged to gather to pray that "God's purpose" be fulfilled during the Games. While cynics might dismiss these Christian activities as inappropriate efforts to proselytize during the Olympics, much of the Christian programming appears to reflect a straightforward attempt to be a helpful, thoughtful presence during the Games. Like many overwhelmed Canadians, Metro Vancouver Christians are trying to hold the competing values of the Olympics -which include winning, excellence, profit-making and international friendliness -in some sort of rough balance. As such, many local Christians are seizing on the Games as a chance to both enjoy a gigantic communal event and to remind anyone who cares to listen there are more important things in life than sports." Read the full Vancouver Sun article here ...

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