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Sunk in God like a Fish in the Sea

inward outward

by Richard Long,

Today we refer you to the daily installment from Inward/Outward for a creative way to think about prayer.

Mystics, trying to tell us of their condition, often say that they feel 'sunk in God like a fish in the sea.' We pass over these phrases very easily, and forget that they are the final result of a long struggle to find the best image for an admittedly imageless truth. Yet prayer is above all the act in which we give ourselves to our soul's true Patria ; enter again that Ocean of God which is at once our origin and our inheritance, and there find ourselves mysteriously at home. This strange, home-like feeling kills the dread which might overcome us, if we thought of the unmeasured depth beneath us, and the infinite extent and utter mystery of that Ocean into which we have plunged. As it is, a curious blend of confidence and entire abandonment keep us, because of our very littleness, in peace and joy: content with our limited powers and the limitless Love in which we are held....

Evelyn Underhill

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