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St. Patrick's Prayer


"How the Irish saved Civilization" by Thomas Cahill.    Of course modern mythology remembers St. Patrick for symbolic things like green hats, shamrocks and the absence of snakes on the Emerald Island on this day, March 17th.  However good Christians should take a deeper look at his life and ministry and be greatly encouraged and instructed. Here's some other links that might help you. Patrick's Biography St. Patrick's Confessions Breastplate Prayer   Many of you know the famous "Breastplate Prayer" or as it is also known, "The Dressing Prayer".    Patrick wrote many other prayers that he taught the illiterate peasants of Ireland to memorize and pray each day.  Here's the shorter version of the Breastplate Prayer that is named after him below ...

St. Patrick's Prayer

 I bind to myself this day the power of God to guide me, the might of God to uphold me, the wisdom of God to teach me, the eye of God to watch over me, the ear of God to hear me, the word of God to give me speech, the hand of God to protect me, the shield of God to shelter me, the host of God to defend me against evil, against the lust of nature, against every person who meditates injury to me, whether far or near, whether alone or with many.

 I have invoked all these virtues against every hostile, savage power warring upon my body and soul, against the evil laws of paganism, against the false laws of heresy, against the false promises of idolatry and against all knowledge which blinds the soul of humanity.

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