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Report from the G8 and G20 Prayer Effort

We are just back from the epicentre of 2 major global summits in Toronto & Huntsville Ontario. Our hearts are overwhelmed with all that God did in the Summits and through this time, in the Church. The bottom line is that God answered hundreds of prayers, and truly did exceedingly and abundantly beyond what we could ask or think or even imagine!The national “spiritual command centre” was the G77 event hosted at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and sponsored by Mission GTA . They anchored all the national prayer initiatives with 77 hours of worship from Thursday at 7pm until Sunday at midnight. The young zealots of the Toronto House of Prayer led the evening and night sessions, continually lifting us to new heights of worship. The Presence of God often was deep and thick, and created a perfect platform for anointed prayer.The Institute of Global Affairs brought a team to assist Mission GTA and help guide the prayer both in Toronto & Huntsville. They have had much experience in praying for the G8s around the world, but remarked that this was completely different than anything that they had participated in before.One of the most profound differences was the impact of the Luke 18 Weekend. 11 Houses of Prayer from BC to Newfoundland, and 2 national prayer ministries joined Toronto to contend for justice to be released through the G8& 20 Summit. The team in Toronto was amazed with how this national response in prayer powerfully shifted the Summits, and released wonderful grace into the Toronto meetings.We saw that the 11 HOPs plus the Toronto G77 brought the number to 12 prayer centres, and it truly became a governmental expression of prayer.Read the rest of this report here as Sara reports the specfic breakthroughs ...
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