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Public Inquiry of Foreign Election Interference

On Thursday March 23, 2023, Members of Parliament voted in favour of a public inquiry into foreign election interference. The motion, brought by NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh, was supported 172 to 149.

The government, however, is not obligated to carry out its result. As the vote signifies the choice of the majority of the members, it will put a burden on the Liberals but they do not have to comply.

Prime Minister Trudeau appointed special rapporteur, David Johnston, to determine by May 23rd if a public inquiry is needed. The PM may continue with this plan.

  • Pray that this would not go on a shelf but be moved to the forefront and into the light. Pray that an investigation into the allegations of foreign interference of our elections begins quickly so that those things that are lurking in the shadows can be brought into the light and dealt with.

  • Pray that the church would take its place as watchmen on the wall praying for the national security of Canada. As we are now seeing the holes in our security in the physical realm, we must repair the breaches through prayer in the spiritual realm.

  • Pray for David Johnston that he would be able to separate himself from the family relationship he has with the PM as he works to investigate foreign interference in our security. Pray that he would be guided only by the truth and that loyalty to Trudeau would not be a factor in his conclusions.

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