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Prayer Transformation - Week Six

Week 6 - Repentance: the final words of Jesus *With my authority, take this message of repentance to all the nations, beginning in Jerusalem: ‘There is forgiveness of sins for all who turn to me.’ You are witnesses of all these things.” Luke 24:47-48 (NLT) Prayer Focus: Jesus was entrusting the gospel message to the disciples by commissioning them to speak the truth and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. The disciples had been prepared by Jesus to continue preaching the whole gospel. They had witnessed Jesus teaching the crowds, healing the sick, taking authority over the demonic, and speaking life into the dead. They also had been mentored in the message of repentance: “So the disciples went out, telling all they met to turn from their sins” (Mark 6:12). Now the time had come for Jesus’ final instructions that included the importance of repentance. Once the Holy Spirit came to them, they would be ready with all understanding and authority to call people to repent and receive salvation. Jesus’ final words to His disciples are the same instructions to us today. We must honor the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior by preaching the whole gospel of repentance and belief. Repentance may not be a popular message, but it is the truth! Day 1: Worship Jesus as the only true Savior of the world. Day 2: Ask the Lord to take the message of repentance deep into your own heart. Day 3: Commit to a lifestyle of repentance that invites the Lord to continually examine every area of your life. Day 4: Invite the Holy Spirit to fill you with boldness to speak the message of repentance that leads to salvation. Day 5: Pray that believers will be faithful to take the message of repentance to their families, friends, and community. Day 6: Pray that leaders in your church will faithfully teach and model the message of repentance and turning from sin. Day 7: Pray that you will have a vision for your community as the “Jerusalem” that needs to hear the message of repentance and salvation. Invite Jesus to fill you with His presence and authority to proclaim truth to the lost. *This has been printed without permission - copies may be obtained at the above-noted website.

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