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Prayer Targets for Sept 2018


from the

National House of Prayer

""A voice of one calling in the wilderness, 'Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him.  Every valley shall be filled in, every mountain and hill made low. The crooked roads shall become straight, the rough ways smooth. And all people will see God's salvation." - Isaiah 40:3-5


We have entered into an exciting phase and the word that we are sensing from God is 'prepare'. God definitely has us preparing! Cleaning, painting, washing windows, re-finishing rooms, streamlining teachings, etc. We are getting ready for the new season and those whom God has called to join us along the way.

Beginning October 1st., John and Patricia Bootsma from Catch the Fire Church Toronto, will be joining us at NHOP. Living at NHOP, John will continue to be involved with Catch the Fire on a national level, but will offer help where he can to NHOP. Patricia will be coming on to our full-time staff where we will be joining our various experiences and gifting to carry on the important work of intercession in our nation's capital.

Together, we are looking forward to an increase of prayer and worship to further blanket the capital region, as well as utilizing Patricia and John's teaching gifts to undergird the teaching and mandate of NHOP. Within this season of transition the entire NHOP team are committed more than ever to see the vision of the NHOP fulfilled in every capacity. Also, with the additional staff support this will allow Rob and Fran to travel the nation more bringing encouragement and teaching to see good governance in our nation.

Here's a brief word from Patricia:

John and I and two of our daughters are looking forward to moving to Ottawa this October to be a part of NHOP. We have been a pastoring full time for 23 years with the Catch the Fire moment now taking on Sr. Leaders of CTF Canada roles (mostly John) as well as we have been building Houses of Prayer for 15 years, (most recently the CTF Toronto HOP). Our son Judah and wife Bethany are involved in worship leading, marketplace ministry and the HOP in Stratford, Ontario. Our daughter Gabrielle and her husband Benji are on staff at IHOP in Kansas City leading that prayer room from 6 pm to midnight, pastoring those teams and leading IHOP's Hispanic department. Our daughter Aquila and her husband Yannick are on staff at the Quebec House of Prayer in Sherbrooke as well as he is studying for his MBA. Zoe is a second-year student at IHOPU in KC. The two daughters coming with us are Phoebe and Glory Anna.

Through a series of clear words from the Lord, we are coming to join Rob and Fran and the NHOP team to help co-labour in exalting Jesus in Canada, seeking to see revival sweep our nation, helping to build extended worship and prayer, and launch a teaching school / internship in January geared to the next generation in equipping them in the Word of God and praying for those in authority over us to impact the cultural around us for Kingdom impact.

This is a time of transition for many across the body Christ as He is shifting us into alignment where we are all called to be collectively agreeing as the Bride with the Spirit in the cry of "Come, Jesus, Come."  (Rev. 22:17)



We are all very excited about re-igniting a revised internship program this mid-January to June for interns aged 18 - 35. This is going to be an awesome time of learning and impartation for this generation that is rising up. Watch for information about the course contents.



Federal Government:

  1. Parliament resumes this September 17th, PRAY for all the MPs and Senators, (and staff), as they continue their important work.

  2. PRAY for the ongoing relationship between the USA and Canada re: NAFTA. Pray for our Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland as she leads the negotiations on behalf of Canada.

  3. PRAY that Canadians and our media will not have so much of a preoccupation with President Trump and the USA that we will neglect Canada's concerns.

  4. There has been some talk in Ottawa about the possibility of an early electionbeing called. At this point it is part of the 'rumour mill' but is a possibility. PRAY that Christians will be vigilant in prayer, that our God will direct the exact timing our next elections.

Municipal Elections:

  1. Municipal Elections are just a few weeks away. PRAY that there will be active interest and involvement of Christians on the municipal level, especially seen through voting. ASK God to establish righteous governments at the grassroots level of our nation.

  2. PRAY that those who are seeking to serve on council will be men and women of integrity with pure motives to bless their communities.

  1. PRAY for an understanding of the importance of cooperation between local churches as essential to present projects and solutions that will benefit their communities.



As many of you know the National House of Prayer is a Heritage Building, it was built in 1921. As beautiful as old buildings are, they must be maintained. One area of concern over this past few years has been the gradual deterioration of some of the stonework on the front of our building due to our sometimes-adverse weather here. Attention is particularly urgent in this area to prevent further damage and therefore increased repair cost in the future.

The Lord knows this and has brought to us to a highly skilled Christian stone mason who is semi-retired. His hourly rate is $40.00. We would like to bring him on for a one month period (prior to winter weather) at 40 hours a week to have him do the immediate repairs needed. This would amount to approx. $7,200.00 in labour + materials needed. Therefore, we are asking for your help to sow into this project in order to maintain the embassy of prayer that the Lord called us to establish in the nation's capital.

INTERIOR WORK New carpeting in several of the guest rooms

  1. Fresh paint (walls & ceiling & trim) in several guest rooms.

  2. Wall & ceiling repair on the third-floor stair well.

  3. Bathroom light fixtures.

  4. Wardrobe closets for the guest rooms that do not have closets, we estimate 6 wardrobe closets @ $200.00

  5. The back stairs leading down to Rob & Fran's basement suite need to be repaired & the stair well painted.


With an increase of interns, we need to have the entire building rewired so there are no dead spots & will allow us to do media broadcasts. We have a professional who has offered to do the labour for free, but the materials needed amount to $800.00.


With the increase in interns we will need an additional washer & dryer, we currently have one set for the entire house including all the towels & bedding for the guest rooms.


We want to thank all of you for your support through the past 14 years; thank you for your partnership and walking with us. As we shift in this transition, we would ask you to prayerfully consider sowing financially into what God is doing here at NHOP. Maybe you see an item of the list that you would like to take on as a financial project of your own and/or from your church.


Mary Ng

Mary Ng, appointed minister of small business and export, she will help Jim Carr, the new minister of international trade diversification.

Jonathan Wilkinson

B.C. MP Jonathan Wilkinson, who, to this point, served as the parliamentary secretary to Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, will serve as the minister of fisheries, oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard.

Filomena Tassi

Minister for seniors - a key demographic group courted by all political parties. This is a new position.

Bill Blair

Bill Blair to a newly created ministerial position designed to solely address Canada-U.S. border issues and "irregular migration."

Pablo Rodriguez

Montreal MP Pablo Rodriguez has been named minister of heritage and multiculturalism, replacing Mélanie Joly who takes on tourism, official languages and La Francophonie.

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