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Prayer Points ~ June 2016

Bill C-14 Before The Senate - critical debates on dying happening now...

Pray for the senators who may be debating the bill for long hours, that they would have clear strategy and reasonable arguments for their amendment recommendations.

Pray for God's presence to fill the Senate so that every Senator will have clarity of thought and clear articulation of speech.

Pray that stricter safeguards won't be opposed by those who would want to see the bill less restrictive. May they see the wisdom in supporting tighter restrictions to protect the rights of all Canadians.

CARDUS - organizations making a difference 

Fran was present at the release of the CARDUS Family Life Project. She listened to Nick Nanos of Nanos Research share polling data complied through a survey of Canadians about children, child care, marriage and caring for elders. Family life is very important to Canadians.The results revealed areas where the Church can be proactive and take the opportunity to provide assistance and care for some of the exposed concerns.

Pray for the Church in Canada to love their neighbours into the family of God. May we continue to seek practical ways to reach out to build strong families in our communities.

Pray for this important information to be recognized by our government and for it to be a benefit for reasonable policy solutions.

Pray for wisdom for the many organizations like CARDUS who are actively engaged with government for the betterment of Canadian society.

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