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Prayer Points - March 2017


BILL C-16 


  1. Pray that the witnesses  at the upcoming Senate committee meetings will clearly present the concerns with righteous conviction and clarity.

  2. Pray Canadians engage this issue by getting informed and understanding the concerns.

  3. Pray Canadians will be encouraged to write and/or email their senator as it's not to late to engage them on this important issue.Get More Info Here on Bill C-16


ballot box

"For lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisors." - Proverbs 11:4

  1. Pray that in the midst of the media attention focused on politics south of the border, we do not neglect the importance of the party leadership campaigns in Canada.

  2. Pray that Christian believers would consider joining a party to be eligible to vote for the candidate they see is called to lead the party.

  3. Pray and register/vote for the candidate of your choice in the upcoming five by-elections.

  4. Pray that they will be men and women of integrity who will stand up for what is right. Proverbs 29:27

  5. Pray the leadership of our nation will turn to the Almighty God for strength and guidance as many have historically done.


"The National Prayer Breakfast is an annual ecumenical event held under the combined authority of the Speakers of the Senate and the House of Commons and organized by a group of dedicated volunteers. The event allows our elected public officials to gather together with men and women from different backgrounds to pray and connect through our shared Christian faith."

  1. Pray for this event to be well attended with representation from across Canada in support of our MP's and Senators as they seek to live out their faith.

  2. Pray for the many volunteers to perform their duties with servant hearts and a spirit of excellence.

  3. Pray for the leadership team of the national prayer breakfast to have favour with the media to share the purpose of, and to extend the invitation to attend this annual gathering in Ottawa.Register for the Canada Prayer Breakfast Here


March for life rally on parliament hill | Join us May 8 - 12

The National House of Prayer has supported in prayer, and participated in the National March for Life for the past 12 years. This year we sense the necessity to ramp up the prayer and fasting  for this years march. It is encouraging to witness the growth in attendance, and this year, which marks the 20th anniversary, should draw much attention.

  1. Pray that any unexpected delays in obtaining official permission or access to venues will not hinder or disrupt the March for Life events.

  2. Pray that as the attention and opposition to the March for Life increases, that there would be adequate police and security strategy to provide the necessary protection. May the joy of the Lord be our strength.JOIN US MAY 8-12 More Info on the March for Life Here

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