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Prayer for Canada and Government

Transcribed from National Prayer Breakfast 2021

As read by MP Nelly Shin

Father God in heaven,

We call on you today as the Sovereign God. You know the end from the beginning. You allow powers and authorities to rise and fall according to your purpose, and reveal your glory in mysterious ways. You are the great shepherd who gathers the broken, the weary, and lost to your bosom and leads them on pathways of peace, rest, and righteousness.

Because of your unconditional love you humbled yourself as a servant and suffered and died on a cross, that we might be forgiven and have eternal life. At the name of Jesus we bow our knees and cast our crowns at your feet, that Christ would be exalted and increase.

As our nation is shaken by the pandemic, we see the foundations being laid bare, as hidden motives, corruption, and injustices are exposed.

We petition you our God to pour humility and love into the hearts of all our leaders, from every tier of government, that their work be compelled by love for people and nothing less.

We ask their hearts and ears be attuned to the suffering of the impoverished, hurting, and oppressed. Would you inspire our leaders to move beyond tokenism, and into action that will heal the people and our communities?

And Lord, we know that humility flows when a person’s sense of identity, self-worth, and acceptance is healthy. We ask that you pour a spirit of Sonship into our leaders so that pride and selfish ambition would be countered at the root. We ask you to heal their hearts from any trauma or crisis that may cause them to feel unloved, condemned, or unworthy.

May you help them to know your grace. We ask you to protect their minds and hearts that they would stay the course with integrity, moral courage, truth, and righteousness.

We ask you to give our leaders wisdom to make sound and fair decisions that will help our cities, regions, provinces, and nation to be safe, healthy, peaceful, and prosperous. Surround them with wise counsellors.

We ask you to equip our leaders with joy, strength, moral support and hope to overcome adversity on their pursuit of noble causes.

Lord, would you cause love and righteousness to rule in this hour.

Let your kingdom come and let your will be done in our nation.

In the mighty name of Jesus we pray.


Watch the National Prayer Breakfast May 2021

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