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Pray for the Hon. Stephane Dion

Former Liberal leader Dion hospitalized with severe food poisoning in Mexico The Canadian Press MEXICO CITY - Former federal Liberal leader Stephane Dion is in a Mexican hospital with a severe case of food poisoning.Local media in Mexico report that Dion was attending a climate conference at a university in suburban Mexico City on Monday when he started to feel ill.The event, scheduled in the lead up to November's climate change conference in Cancun, was cancelled after Dion was rushed to hospital.The Excelsior newspaper reports Dion's condition is not considered serious but he has developed an infection and is expected to spend another night in hospital.A member of Parliament since 1996, Dion was replaced by Michael Ignatieff as Liberal leader in December 2008.He also served as environment minister in Paul Martin's government.Content Provided By Canadian Press.
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