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Medical Assistance in Dying, Bill C-14

Medical Assistance in Dying, Bill C-14


Since 1991 there have been 15 occasions where the possibility of assisted suicide has been rejected. The last time it was voted down 226-59.On 11 December 2015, a motion was passed in the House of Commons to establish a Special Joint Committee of the Senate and the House of Commons.

That motion stated that the committee's purpose is:

To review the report of the External Panel on Options for a Legislative Response to Carter v. Canada and other recent relevant consultation activities and studies, to consult with Canadians, experts and stakeholders, and make recommendations on the framework of a federal response on physician-assisted dying that respects the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the priorities of Canadians.

Members of Parliament have been bombarded with letters, e-mails and phone calls expressing their concerns about the contents and lack of safeguards in Bill C-14 Physician-Assisted Dying as have many people who view the bill as too narrow or restrictive.  It is encouraging to know that Canadians are showing their interest in this piece of legislation that will affect all of us.

With the deadline of June 6th the pressure is on the Justice and Human Rights Committee to consider the many submissions and recommendations by witnesses from various organizations for suggested amendments to the text of the bill.

This emotional and complicated issue and It is vital that we pray for members to be so affected by these presentations that they will seriously consider the submissions and apply strict perimeters for access to this procedure.

The time allocation for debate in the House of Commons is nearly completed. Speeches were delivered and the Senate is next.  The Senate is in a unique position to make a difference. Contacting your Senator with your concerns is important, they need to hear from you.

Senate of Canada

is in a unique position to make a difference

Pray that the Senate will request for as much Committee time as possible to be able to conduct a thorough study with many creditable witnesses.

Pray for senate amendments that will ensure that conscience rights for our medical professionals are protected and for legislation that will take into consideration the long term outcome that will affect our society.

Pray for a national palliative care strategy.

March for Life - May 12

largest pro-life rally in Canada

Pray for the safety and security of the organizers and participants in the annual march.

Pray for the March for Life participants to be a remarkable example of the best orderly public assembly in Ottawa!

Pray that any possible interference that would attempt to disrupt and intimidate the marchers would not result in confrontation because of conduct that is reactionary.

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