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Living in a Prayed-for-City

Where the pastors pray together

The congregations pray together

City-wide Prayer Council

Every congregation has a point person to the City-wide Prayer Council

Every pastor is prayed for

Every non-congregational ministry is prayed for

Eg. Street workers, Soup kitchens, Drop Ins, Drug Rehabs, Seniors Outreaches, etc.

Every social agency is prayed for

Every politician is prayed for

Every city council meeting

Every school and every principal and every teacher in every level of education

Every Special Needs worker

Every government department

Every hospital

Every doctor and medical worker

Every police officer and emergency worker

Every judge

Every prison guard

Every inmate

Every Crime area or “Hot Spot”

Every newspaper editor and writer

Every T.V. and radio personality

Every street person

Every street

Every house

Every park

Every business is prayed for

Every street has a lighthouse

Every public event has a prayer component

Every city church effort has an intercessory component

Multiple Prayer Walls

Prayer Chains

Prayer Circles

Prayer Point Persons

City wide seasons of prayer

Prayer Summits for City Elders

Prayer Equipping centres

Specialized Prayer Teams for ...

Cleansing Prayer for every crime of violence



SWAT teams

Houses of Prayer 24/7, Harp & Bowl style, Boiler Room Style, Quiet Retreat style

Healing Rooms

Prayer for Broken Marriages

Prayer missions and missionaries are sent out to other cities and nations.

And I am sure you could add some more.

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