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Jesus the Lamb of God

Rob Parker is the Founding Director of National House of Prayer

Jesus The Lamb of God

Bethlehem was strategic in that the sacrificial lambs were raised on the hills surrounding this little town. The shepherds gave great care to the flock, but especially to the newborn lambs that were without spot or blemish. These, they would tightly swaddle with cloth and place them in a stone feeding trough or ‘manger’ to protect them from being bumped or bruised. And, it was these same shepherds that the angel announced: "This will be a sign to you... You will find a baby wrapped in

swaddling cloths and lying in a manger."

It wouldn't have been a noticeable sign to many. But to them? Most definitely. And this sign was staggering. The long-expected Messiah and King wasn't headed to a palace. No, this was going to be different. He was going to be sacrificed.

This is the Christmas story:

Jesus, the Lamb of God, born to die that we might live.

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