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God's Verdict Outranks History's says PM


"God's Verdict Outranks History's says PM".  It's taken from an interview that Prime Minister Stephen Harper gave to a Quebec magazine back on St. Jean Baptiste Day in late June.   He is of course absolutely right.  Any Christian, and people of most other faith's would agree, though maybe not say it so boldly.   I for one am very glad to have a national leader who cares what the Eternal One will say about his life.  And it is very clear that Stephen Harper thinks he will be judged on what kind of a father and a husband he has been more than the politics.   The other side of this story is the reaction in the media and online.  If you want to get the sense of how many Canadians really have a knee-jerk reaction to accountability to God then just check out the nasty and vehement comments at this online article.  Prepare yourself prayerfully first.  For me it was a reminder of how much mercy and divine intervention we need in our nation.  A good reminder to pray for our Prime Minister today!

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