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Gathering Nations Conference

Kenny and Louise Blacksmith are the founders and directors of Gathering Nations International which is holding their second annual conference on July 10th to 13th, 2008 in Ottawa.  Find out more registration information here.  These last few years, Kenny and Louise have been very involved in uniting the First Peoples of Canada through this ministry.   This will be an important conference and we hope you can attend.  All are invited.  Kenny and Louise share their heart and vision to unite the First Peoples of Canada on their website:

It is our hope and prayer, as you come to know our hearts, you will be greatly blessed and encouraged to witness the power of the Father's love and grace to all nations. We are focused on biblically based reconciliation, healing and unity between First Nations, Inuit and Métis people. We believe once the relationships between the original peoples of the land establish a right relationship with our Lord God Almighty, and our people are healed and released from a negative past then our relationship with all others will be made restored, healed and our people will take their rightful place and that a spiritual governmental authority will be established in our nation.   Read more here.

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