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Findings of a Scotsman at NHOP!

Greeting avid NHOP followers, please allow me to introduce myself, I am the Scottish contingent at The National House of Prayer otherwise known as Iain! For some strange reason I have been entrusted with the great microphone of the NHOP Blog! They don't know what they are doing!

I have been in Canada since the 6th of February and have noticed several things in that short space of time. I shall endeavour to share some of my findings with you

1. Michele our administrator only understands what I am saying when I sing. Personally I think she just wants a handsome Scottish lad to sing to her, but hey whatever works Michele!

2.Everyone in Canada has an accent. Often I'm walking along and I say "Hi" then immediately I get "I'm good thanks"! Now a number of years ago I would have put it down to me having some sort of absence and missing part of the conversation, but that doesn't happen to me anymore, praise God!

3.Pants in Canada dose not mean a gentleman's underwear! If you want to get a Scotsman paranoid just say "Nice pants you have on today Iain" It only freaked me out the first dozen times!!

4.There are many words that have different meaning such as sweater which is an item of clothing in Canada, we would call this a jumper. You go to the gas station, we go to the petrol station. Now, if you put gas and pump together in a conversation in Scotland it would be referring to something we all suffer from after a good Haggis, need I say anymore?

I think I may have said enough or even possibly too much!!

So until next time intrepid NHOP followers, live long and perspire (well it is humid!)


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