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End Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

There are three prevalent ways people are trafficked. These are the sex trade, forced labour and domestic servitude. The common thread is that they are all done against the person’s will.

Recruiting is done at schools including elementary schools, restaurants, court houses, foster homes, group homes, parks, bus stations and social networking sites. Traffickers use social media sites more and more to connect with children. This type of recruiting is done right in the home under the noses of parents.

Traffickers look for the vulnerable, targeting the poor, the new immigrant, children in foster care, people with substance abuse disorders, survivors of past violence, those with disabilities or anyone who is lonely as these victims are easier to groom. These criminals are master manipulators. They lure victims into friendships, exploiting their weaknesses using acts of kindness to groom them into submission.

Arnold said that trafficking can be happening 10 minutes from our homes. With the use of social networks, this diabolical activity is able to occur right in the home. It’s important that we are able to identify the signs of grooming and trafficking to help stop these heinous organizations.

With increased community recognition and understanding, human Trafficking and modern slavery is stoppable.

We can encourage our schools or school boards to incorporate education that will bring awareness to the subject and also, to establish standards and practices for recognizing, reporting and responding to possible cases and victims.

We can become mentors to youth or people in need. As traffickers often target people who lack stable support networks, mentorship can generate strong preventative measures.

Churches can host awareness events. This is an act of caring for the community.

Regarding modern slavery, we should consider how we shop and eat. We can research which goods are produced by children or forced labour and not purchase these items.

Reach out to Members of Parliament like Arnold Viersen to tell them that you support the work they are doing. Look on the All Party Parliamentary Group website to see if your member is a part of this group and send them a word of encouragement.

  • Pray for NGO’s that bring awareness to this subject and work to bring freedom and dignity to victims.

  • Pray that the church’s eyes will be opened to see the scourge happening right in their very neighbourhoods.

  • Pray that victims of trafficking will be able to escape their plight and encounter the love and hope of Jesus Christ through the local church.

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