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Dreamers and Visionaries - by Eddie Smith

Eddie and Alice Smith

by Richard Long

 Every week I receive an email teaching from Eddie and Alice Smith which is always solid.  A week ago he sent out this excerpt from his book How to be Heard in Heaven.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

"When there are tasks to be done and problems to be solved, Creators; like writers, designers, musicians, and artists are dreamers and visionaries conceptualize unseen solutions to problems. They see things before they exist. They begin with a purpose, and then approach everything single-mindedly. Whatever they do should relate to that purpose.

    They work instinctively, don't particularly like structure, and are often frustrated by directions.

    Creators are “pregnant” with an idea until their concept becomes a reality. During this process, they impart a bit of themselves in the product. Our mighty God is The Creator; and he answers prayer creatively.

For example, we hired a company to extend the patio on our home. It was little more than a small slab of concrete at the time. When the designer came in he sat down at our dining table and pulled out his portfolio (collection of past projects he’d designed) and his pen and paper. After opening pleasantries I said, “Let me explain what we’d like to do with our patio.”

    He grabbed his pen and paper and said, “I think I know what you want. You’d like to extend it in this direction and shape.”

    We said, “Yes, that’s a good idea, and…”

    He interrupted, “Then you want to…”

    In five minutes he had designed the complete project—without our help, I might add. He didn’t need our instructions or ideas. He’s paid to create.

When we pray, as many do, with "problem-solving" in mind, we most often overlook God's plan. Rather than make our plea and submit to Creator God and his plans for the solution, we want to instruct him in our praying. Such requests frustrate a creator!

    Job tried instructing God. And in Job 38, God said, "Job, why are you instructing me? Where were you when I created the world? I didn't need your help then. And I don't need your instructions now."

    Think about this.  When you pray, “God, please let me get that job,” you are praying, “God, please do for me the thing I have already decided is best for me.  I’ve done all the thinking, all you have to do, God, is copy me, I have it lined out: give me the job.” In so doing, you are appealing to God's productive side, rather than his cre­ative side. You’re elevating “problem solving” above God’s higher purposes. You’re instructing him as to what you want and how you want it, rather than trusting the Creator to demonstrate his power by accomplishing his purpose in your matter.

    Can you see how this prayer in itself transgresses the creative nature of God?  You aren’t asking him to activate his unique plan for you.  You are asking him to produce for you what you have already decided is best. So you are not praying to God as Creator. You are overlooking the fact that he wants to do things in you and for you that are “…exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think…” (Eph. 3:20, KJV), or as Jeremiah wrote, “… marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own” (Jer. 33:3b, MSG ). 

    Now think about this: why are you giving God instructions?  Why are you trying to engage God in your plans and purposes, instead of recognizing that he has plans and purposes and a will for you—plans that are far bigger than you realize!

    Since God’s response will be above what you can ask or think, something that you could never figure out on your own, then what good are your instructions? Resist the urge to explain things to your omniscient God when you pray. Fight the urge to give him directions as to how you want Him to solve your problems. Ask Him to show you the big picture! Learn what God does, and why and how he does it. Most of His intervention in history has been as a creator."

By prayer coach Eddie Smith from his book How to be Heard in Heaven.

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