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Doomsday Averted

   "In Christian terms 'serving' is getting busy for Christ on earth, while 'waiting' is looking for Christ to come from Heaven. Yet these two are incompatible. On the contrary, each balances the other. On the one hand, however hard we work and serve, there are limits to what we can accomplish. We can only improve society; we cannot perfect it.  We shall never build a utopia on earth. For that we wait for Christ to come. Only then will he secure the final triumph of God's reign of justice and peace. On the other hand, although we must look expectantly for the coming of Christ, we have no liberty to to wait in idleness, with arms folded and eyes closed, indifferent to the needs of the world around us.  Instead we must work even while we wait, for we are called to serve the living and true God."

Rob Jr.

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