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Climate change in the House of Commons

Bill C-314, was defeated in the House of Commons on October 18. This bill was tabled by conservative MP for Abbotsford, The Honourable Ed Fast to stop the Liberal government’s expansion of assisted suicide to vulnerable Canadians with mental illness. The bill provides that the term “grievous and irremediable medical condition” contained in Canada’s MAiD regime does not include mental disorders.

The defeat was narrow. 167-150. We are encouraged that Fast was able to collect support across some parties. The NDP and both of the Green Party members voted with the Conservatives on this. To see the entire NDP caucus vote in favour of life is absolutely reassuring. We also saw 8 Liberal members break ranks to vote in favour of this bill. The following are the names, photos and ridings of the 8 Liberal, 2 Green and 1 Independent member who voted for Bill C-314. Please write these members, as well as the entire NDP caucus. Thank them for standing for the vulnerable in our communities. It took courage, especially for the Liberal members that choose not to vote with their party.

The bill was defeated. However, we are thankful for our partners responding to the call to stay on the wall in prayer. Every NDP and green vote and the 8 liberal votes for life is a win. We are very hopeful.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope."

Romans 15:13

The expansion to the existing euthanasia bill continues to be on track to be offered in March of 2024. In the House, prior to the vote on Wednesday, Minister of Health Mark Holland stated, “there is not one among us in this House who does not have people they love who are deeply vulnerable and have been in a state of mental health crisis. Every single person in this House wants to make sure those people get the support and strength they need. That is why we are making critical investments there. We also have to make sure, for the people who are trapped in mental illness and in deep, profound suffering, that we examine the best way to deal with those circumstances. That is why we are working to reconstitute the joint committee so that we can look at this process and look at how to responsibly deal with these issues in a way that respects and protects vulnerable people.”.

I was in the House to hear that speech. Perhaps I am naive but as I listened to him talk, I felt Mr. Holland was earnest and sincere. Pray that he would not forget his words and that they will do everything necessary to ensure proper supports are in place for these who may feel there is no other way out.

Pray that the church would take its place and bring good news to the poor, heal the brokenhearted, announce freedom for the captives and bring release for those imprisoned. We can't leave it all to government especially when we know how important it is to the Father to take care of the poor and the broken hearted.

Continue to pray for change of climate in the House of Commons. Pray for all of our MP's that they would receive the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation to know Him more. Pray that God would illuminate the eyes of their imagination and that they may know the hope of His calling in Christ Jesus.

Stay on the wall.

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