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CSIS Documents Reveal Chinese Strategy to Influence Canada's 2021 Election

It is now established that there was a co-ordinated effort by the Chinese government to influence the last federal election in September 2021. CSIS determined that China wanted to see Prime Minister Trudeau win a minority government. However, CSIS director said that there is no evidence that Chinese manipulation resulted in the election of any MP.

The interference was more than just putting out information meant to mislead or persuade. We are being told that there have been violations of election laws. Some candidates received unlawful cash donations. As well, companies hired international students to volunteer full-time for candidates during the campaign. Allegedly, some campaign contributions were returned after the tax credit was already claimed.

Prime Minister Trudeau claims that it was clear to all that China's government does interfere in elections. Apparently, Canada is not the only country where China sought to influence the outcome of an election. However, our Prime Minister states that since the ballots were not tampered with, the outcome of the election was not affected.

National security officials reported to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his office more than a year before the 2019 federal election, warning that Chinese operatives were “assisting Canadian candidates running for political offices.”

In light of the newly released CSIS documents, a parliamentary committee which has been studying foreign election interference since last November voted unanimously this week to expand their inquiry. A request was made for the CSIS documents with no redaction. However, the NDP voted with the Liberals to allow committee to only see redacted copies of the documents.

Prayer Points

  • Pray that everything that is hidden come into the light. Pray that any pertinent redacted information would become known through some other source.

  • Pray for this committee that they would have Wisdom and Revelation in formulating their questions. Pray for discernment to be able to call out those things that don't add up.

  • Pray for Prime Minister Trudeau and his government that they would walk in the light. Pray that they will be able to own their mistakes and turn around to walk in truth and righteousness.

  • Pray for CSIS that they would be able to do the investigative work they do to find all perpetrators in order to stop this kind of interference.

  • Pray for the whistleblower who had the courage to stand for truth

  • Pray for the media who were able to make this report so Canadians would know the truth.

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