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Celebrating 10 years of 24-7 Prayer!

Celebrating 10 Years of Mission Scot Bower, September 13th, 2010 Since 24-7 Prayer began 10 years ago Prayer Rooms all over the world have been spilling over with mission. The logic is simple: In Prayer we begin to see the world from God’s perspective - our hearts are changed to be more like his - we go out from the place of prayer with Him to take the love and message of Jesus to the world. Simple and true.In the words of Brian Heasley from 24-7Ibiza : "We want to be the prayer out on the streets." From first time encounters with Jesus in a Prayer Room to lives uprooted for the sake of the gospel, we’ve been gathering stories of mission for 10 years. Here are just a few highlights that we’ve featured on the many wonderful stories, including one about the prayer room in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver here.
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