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Canada Israel Together Tour


Canada Israel Together tour.  They have already had meetings in Toronto and Montreal, and will be moving on to Winnipeg and Vancouver from here.  This is being sponsored by Watchmen for the Nations who are working with other ministries in Canada to host this special delegation.  Our whole team, including our Nazarites and other interns will be attending the dinner tonight.   Amongst the many other things they are doing will be the Holocaust Memorial Service this afternoon at 3:00 PM, which has now been moved to the LeBreton Flats further west of Parliament Hill.  (We are dealing with potentially 25,000 Tamil demonstrators who are also here in Ottawa today.)   Please pray that as Christians and Jews in the Ottawa area enjoy a meal together tonight and share the concerns and hopes of both communities, that this will deepen our friendship and bring about God's purposes for both nations and people groups.

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