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Bill: C6

Update - July 22, 2021

On June 28, 2021, the Senate of Canada authorized the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee to undertake the study of Bill C6. There was talk of recalling the Senate at the end of July so they can vote on this Bill. However, we have not been able to see any sitting days scheduled as well the committee has not met to examine the Bill.

We are continuing to pray that this Bill will die on the table once an election is called. We must stay engaged as we can be sure that it will return during the next parliamentary session.

Free to Care has put out a very informative video thanking the 63 MP's who had the courage to vote against the bill.

Political Win in Town of Strathmore

Council voted this past week to amend the definition. At the end, it includes the following: “…as part of an effort to change sexual orientation or gender identity.” This means that reducing or repressing non-heterosexual sexual behaviour would not be considered criminal acts as long as it is not part of an effort to change sexual orientation or gender identity. Jojo Ruba says to all of our subscribers to "Please be encouraged that we are making a difference!" This is a huge win. Praise God!

  1. Continue to pray it will become clear to all Canadians that Bill C6 as is proposes to use an overreaching definition of "conversion therapy" that would needlessly criminalize normal conversations between children and their parents, teachers, counsellors, and mentors about gender and sexual behaviour. Pray that they fix the definition before bringing it back.

  2. Continue to Pray for 'Free to Care' with Jojo Ruba and his team as they continue to present this important issue to the Nation.


Update - July 3, 2021

Senator proposes plan to get Conversion Therapy Bill passed this summer

With the Senate not scheduled to return until Sept. 20 at the earliest, supporters of the legislation fear it could be further delayed or wiped out entirely if a widely anticipated federal election is called in the late summer or early fall.

"It has become increasingly clear that the inability of the Senate to complete its study of this legislation before the fall has generated a great deal of concern, anxiety and frustration for those in our LGBTQ2 community," said Sen. Marc Gold, the government representative in the upper house, in a public letter issued on Friday.

Under Gold's proposal, the Senate's committee on legal and constitutional affairs would examine the bill during virtual meetings this month and finish its work by July 26.

The Senate referred Bill C-6 to that committee during its final days before summer break, but committees typically do not meet when the Senate itself is not sitting.

The Senate would then return on July 26 to vote on the bill by the end of the week.

Click here to reach out to your Senators. It's important that you reach out to all Senators represented in your region asap.

Please take a few moments to check how your MP voted on Bill C-6 and then send a short email to them as follow up.

If they voted against the bill, please thank them, and share appreciation for their courage to do so. If they voted in favour of the bill, respectfully register your disappointment, and share with them that you hope and pray the Senate will amend the bill.

Many MP's who voted against Bill C-6 are experiencing severe attack including threats to their families. Please call them at their constituency office or send them an email or letter of support, encouragement and prayers.

The false narrative is that those who voted against this bill are in favour of conversion therapy. This is just not true. These MP's fought hard to fix the definition. Bill C-6 applies the label “conversion therapy” to a broad range of practices and even private conversations, going far beyond what most people think of when they hear this term.


Update - June 25, 2021

Bill C6 was passed by the House of Commons this week. At the Senate, it should undergo the same process of debates, votes and study by a committee. However, as they are only sitting for 2 more days, there will not be time for this process. It is our prayer that they will not quickly push this vote through without proper discussion.

Please reach out to your Senators.

  1. Pray for the Senators that they do what is right and just.

  1. Continue to Pray for 'Free to Care' with Jojo Ruba and his team as they continue to present this important issue to the Nation


Update - June 18, 2021

Time may run out on many items on the docket scheduled for debate over the last 3 sitting days for the House of Commons this week. Winnipeg lab/Wuhan issue, as well as Bill C-10 may take up a lot of debate time. We are hoping that they will not get to this vote. If they do, it will likely pass but it still will need Senate approval before it can receive Royal Assent. If an election is called, the bill will die on the table.


Update -June 10, 2021

We believe we could be seeing a vote on Bill C-6 next week. Final debate is scheduled to take place on Monday. Now is also the time to reach out to your Senator. If the bill is passed in the House of Commons, it goes to the Senate for debate.

Free to Care will be having an information night on Sunday evening June 13th. For more information, please go to their website as you will need to register for this event.

Please join us for a special prayer meeting on Monday evening June 14th at 7pm EST on Zoom.

  1. Pray courage for MP's. A fair number of them feel that C-6 goes too far, but are not willing to vote against it for fear of negative attention. And for those MP's who are opposed to C6, Pray that they will be encouraged and strengthened in their stance.


Update - June 6, 2021

Debate took place in the House of Commons on Monday May 31st, 2021. See debate here. Please note that this link takes you to all debate of the private members bill on May 31st. Bill C-6 was second on the docket. It looks like there is more debate to come. 

If you have not already done so, please sign the petition on


"This Monday May 31st/21, debate will resume in the House of Commons on the Government’s Conversion Therapy Bill C-6.

Without a proper definition, and with new problems added by the government's bad amendments, this bill has morphed into something that has very little to do with actual Conversion Therapy.

In its current version, this bill constitutes a dangerous attack on the ability of parents, mentors, counsellors, and faith leaders to express opinions or give advice about gender or about sexual behaviour.

This is because Conversion Therapy is wrongly defined in an overbroad way as including counselling or conversation in which a person is encouraged to reduce sexual behaviour."

MP Garnett Genuis

If you have a story you are willing to share (all identifying information will be kept anonymous) about how this legislation threatens your freedom to counsel, pastor, or parent, please email MP Garnett Genuis with the subject line “C-6 Story” at:

Prayer Points

  1. Pray for MP's like Garnett Genuis who are fighting for the proper definition of Conversion Therapy in this Bill.

  2. Pray for 'Free to Care' with Jojo Ruba and his team as they continue to present this important issue to MPs and Senators.

  3. Pray for the various organizations who are seeking to inform Christian leaders of the implications of this Bill.

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