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Bill: C268

Updated June 24,, 2021

Thank you to MP Kelly Block for coming to our Sunday night Prayer for the nation. We had an informative time with her and we were able to pray for her.

If Parliament resumes without an election called, this bill will be one of the first on the docket in the fall. However if an election is called, this Bill will die on the table.

  1. Pray that either MP Block or another MP will pick it up again. It is an important bill that protects the rights of medical professionals as well as patients to receive a second opinion.


Updated June 10, 2021

This Bill is scheduled to have it's final debate on June 23rd. This is also the last day the House of Commons will be sitting. If an election is called in the fall, the bill will not move forward.

Join us on Sunday June 20th at 7pmEST for our monthly prayer call on zoom with special guest MP Kelly Block.


 Updated on May 31, 202

The time provided for the consideration of this Private Members' Bill expired. MP Kelly Block will have seven and a half minutes the next time that this matter is before the House.


Bill: C268 aims to prevent medical professionals from being forced to participate in euthanasia or Medical Assistance in Dying. It would create an offence in the Criminal Code making it illegal to compel. This protection is needed now more than ever, as medical assistance in dying is expanded to include Canadians who are not dying and those with mental illness alone.

Prayer Points

  1. Pray for Medical professionals that there be no coercion and/or intimidation to participate in these acts and that there be no reprisal regarding employment.

  2. Pray that the Church would engage in informed prayer and appropriate engagement with MP's and Senators sharing their concerns.

  3. Pray for MP Kelly Block as she presents this Bill to the House, and that it will be supported by all Members regardless of party lines.

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