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Bill: C10 How it could effect our freedom of speech.

Updated July 3, 2021

This bill passed the House of Commons and was sent to the Senate for their approval. However, time ran out on the bill. At the Senate, it was sent to committee so you can still reach out to Senators to voice your opinion. More than likely, an election will be called before Parliament is recalled which would kill the bill. You can be sure that this bill will come back especially if the Liberals regain power so it will be good to continue to let those in power know where you stand. Please also reach out to your MP's regarding how they voted.

List of Senators - The Constitution divides Canada into four areas, each with 24 senators: Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes, and Western Canada. Newfoundland and Labrador is represented by six senators. The Northwest Territories, the Yukon, and Nunavut are allocated one senator each.

  1. Continue to pray for MP's that they need to continue to fight for the gift of freedom passed down from our ancestors and that we need to ensure it for our children and grandchildren.


Updated on June 25th, 2021

Why do the Bloc, NDP and Liberals agree that Bill C-10 is a good bill.

The House of Commons passed this Bill in the very early hours of Tuesday morning. It needs to go to the Senate for scrutiny, oversight and second sober thought. The Senate has extended its sitting period to Tuesday so they can discuss this Bill and 4 others before summer break. Not all Senators are on board for a quick vote without deep discussion.

  1. Pray for our Senators that they would move with principle and integrity.


Updated on June 23rd, 2021

Bill C10 - The Secret Law


The House of Commons passed this Bill in the very early hours of Tuesday morning. It needs to go to the Senate for scrutiny, oversight and second sober thought. The government has asked the Senate to extend it's sitting period to Friday so they can vote on this Bill. Essentially they are asking for a rubber stamp approval of the bill without any debate, discussion or scrutiny.

This all started with the gag order approved  by the Liberals and the Bloc. It limited further Bill C-10 debate to five hours and after which the committee was required to proceed immediately to conclude clause-by-clause review with no further debate permitted.

Then, Liberal MPs overruled the Canadian Heritage chair to allow for dozens of undisclosed amendments to be voted on without any debate or discussion. 

"At 1:30 am this morning the House of Commons passed Bill C-10. Now, with just two days left on the calendar the Senate is being asked to pass it. No scrutiny, no oversight- we haven’t even seen the secret amendments they passed. ‘Kangaroo court’ would be an understatement. 1/3

The government has had 6 years to pass legislation it wants. It is not our job in the Senate to rubber stamp and give up our constitutional responsibilities just because they want fodder for an election- especially if it means killing free speech.

I will do everything I can to make sure this bill isn’t rammed through. Standing up to Bill C-10 is standing up against censorship and standing up for free speech. If we don’t say NO now, it will be too late."

Senator Pamela Wallin.


Updated on June 18th, 2021

The Liberal government’s push to speed controversial broadcasting bill C-10 through Parliament hit a road bump Tuesday, when the Speaker of the House voided dozens of amendments to the bill. We see this as an answer to prayer. The speaker is Anthony Rota. He was elected from among the MP's and as an MP was elected as a liberal. It's interesting to note that Rota ruled against his government twice. He also ruled on Wednesday that the Trudeau government has not complied with an order to produce unredacted documents related to the firing of two scientists from Canada’s highest security laboratory.

We have been praying that our members would be courageous to walk in righteousness and integrity. We thank God for speaker Rota in his courageous walk this week.

MP Garnett Genuis has a very informative Parliamentary update that sums up what happened this week regarding Bill C-10 and the 2 rulings made by Speaker Rota. 

  1. Pray for Speaker Anthony Rota that he would continue to stay on the side of what is right and just.

  2. Pray that there would be no retaliation by his party.

  3. Pray that the Media would bring this to the forefront

  4. Pray that all hidden agenda be exposed.


Updated on June 4th, 2021

On June 4th, the Liberal government made a motion to limit debate on Bill C10 at the committee stage. It is a procedural move that crunches the time allotted to discussing a bill and is normally used to limit hours of debate in the House of Commons — not at committees.This motion could be up for discussion next week and, should it pass, the committee will be restricted to just five more hours of discussion of the bill. Please remember to sign the petition below.

Brian Lilley of the Toronto Sun said that Bill C10 " will change what you can watch and listen to online and how you do it and it will put Canada well offside the rest of the free world. The Liberals are defending their very dangerous internet Bill that will see government appointees able to decide what you post, what you watch, and what you like online."

Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault introduced Bill C-10 in November. In its original form, Bill C-10 exempted user-generated content. But the exclusion for user-generated content was removed by members of the heritage committee on Friday April 23rd.

Th e NDP, under the leadership of Jagmeet Singh have indicated that they will support this Bill.

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that the media will give the necessary time to the issues and will report accurately with unbiased concerns regarding this Bill.

  2. Pray that the MP's will see that this Bill, as it is written, will infringe on the freedoms of the constituents.

  3. Pray that any and all hidden agendas be exposed.

  4. Pray that Canadians will continue to reach out to their MPs to voice their concerns with this Bill and that God would reveal any possible hidden agendas.

Click below to sign the petition.

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