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Big Wins in Ottawa

When discussing a change of heart in Mark Holland, we are not implying a complete turning of the heart towards Jesus. Praying for this transformation is our sincere hope for him and all members of parliament. Yesterday, while observing Prime Minister Trudeau's entrance to the chamber, carrying a substantial binder, and juggling two glasses of water, I reflected on God's love for him. I was reminded of the verse from Song of Solomon where God expresses, "You have ravished my heart with one look of your eyes." I asked the Lord if this applied to Mr. Trudeau or solely to those who love Him. I heard Him whisper, "If only he would look at my face." In that moment, I got a glimpse of our Father's heart for the lost, particularly for Justin Trudeau in this case. Considering 1 Timothy 2:4, which emphasizes God's desire for all people to be saved, including our Prime Minister, my commitment to pray for Trudeau's salvation and that of other Members of Parliament who may not know Him has deepened. Let us continue to pray that they will receive wisdom and revelation to know Him more. (Eph 1:17)


Concerning MP Mark Holland and his change of heart, the focus is specifically on the MAiD legislation. Last October, while praying in the gallery, Chris and I sensed Mr. Holland's true sentiments when he stated, "there is not one among us in this House who does not have people they love who are deeply vulnerable and have been in a state of mental health crisis. Every single person in this House wants to make sure those people get the support and strength they need. That is why we are making critical investments there. We also have to make sure, for the people who are trapped in mental illness and in deep, profound suffering, that we examine the best way to deal with those circumstances. That is why we are working to reconstitute the joint committee so that we can look at this process and look at how to responsibly deal with these issues in a way that respects and protects vulnerable people."

We felt Mr. Holland's sincerity and earnestness and began praying that he would not forget his words. Our prayer was that he would recognize the gravity of the responsibility involved in crafting legislation that could potentially lead to the unnecessary premature death of vulnerable Canadians. We continue to pray for his salvation, just as we do for our Prime Minister. Yet, we also celebrate the smaller victories when their hearts undergo changes that lead them to a place where they can recognize the truth. We rejoice when they genuinely consider situations, such as this expansion of MAiD, and truly grasp the impact of the legislation and can set aside their political rhetoric.

Pray that God would continue to turn Mr. Hollands’s heart as well as those of all Members of Parliament towards Him.

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