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"Awakened" a new prayer course

NEW- Teaching on prayer to awaken fire in your life, your church and community!

6 week course, taught by Redleaf Prayer Director, Sara Maynard. Through emails and conference calls Sara shares the fundamental principles that Redleaf Prayer is using to awaken fiery prayer. Prayer for a true awakening comes out of the place of fire. Can fiery prayer be awakened in your life, your church, your community? How about your city or nation? Catch the fire of awakened prayer, and learn how to cultivate it to be a blazing furnace, awakening others around you. January 24 through to February 28th, 2011 Teaching will be through email articles and one-hour, weekly conference calls for discussion, prayer and building national connections with others that are also seeking a personal, regional and national awakening. Some of the sessions will include:

  1. Awaken My Heart

  2. Awaken My Faith

  3. Staying Awake

  4. Awaken My Community

  5. and more... Two class options:  Mondays at 4:00 pm PST or Mondays at 7:00 PM PST Registration for the course: $65.00 Registration is open now, until January 14th

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