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Apology for Inuit Forced Relocation

The federal government says it "deeply regrets" the forced relocation of Inuit to the High Arctic in the 1950s.Indian and Northern Affairs Minister John Duncan issued a formal apology on Wednesday for the government's controversial High Arctic relocation program, in which a total of 19 Inuit families from northern Quebec were moved about 1,200 kilometres to the far northern settlements of Grise Fiord and Resolute, in what is now Nunavut.The transplanted Inuit had to cope with unfamiliar conditions and little government support."The government of Canada apologizes for having relocated Inuit families and recognizes that the High Arctic relocation resulted in extreme hardship and suffering for Inuit who were relocated," Duncan stated in a release at midday Wednesday."We deeply regret the mistakes and broken promises of this dark chapter of our history."Read more:

Resolute Bay

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