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A Tribute to Pastor Doug Schneider

What I found astounding about Pastor Doug was his capacity to care and to impart leadership. You felt like you were the most important person when you were with him. This was the common message that so many posted on social media about him - That he made them feel like they were his best friend. He treated everyone this way because he believed that people were very important.

I hope that I take on those same traits when I encounter people. I just so appreciated his care and his love. It was genuine - Real agape. You felt the love of God flowing through him as a father. He had a capacity seldom seen. I have never met anyone else with the ability to pour out to so many people at the same time. And this pouring out was continuous and unrestrained - Like a fire hose connected to a hydrant.

The Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 11:1, says “imitate me as I am an imitator of Christ.”. I want to not only to be a hearer of the word that Pastor Doug preached but a doer and an imitator also. It is in the doing of the word that brings transformation to a city and a nation. And it was certainly one of his passions to bring transformation to his city, Oshawa, as well as the nation of Canada.

Faith without works is dead. Prayer is powerful… and even more powerful when willing and obedient disciples act on what they hear Holy Spirit saying through the Word and in their prayer lives. May we as fathers and mothers follow in Pastor Doug's example and rise up to take our places to care, love and nurture in order to release the purposes of God into the nation of Canada.

Chris Byberg

Executive Director National House of Prayer

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